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SEO can be a massive undertaking for businesses large and small. The interesting thing about SEO, though, is that you can bite off as large as small of chunks as possible as you try to improve your visibility in search engines.

Here are three metrics that can help you find out.

As you consider improvements to your website, it pays to know what's working – and Google Analytics holds the keys.

'Mobilegeddon' didn’t pack the punch it promised—but what’s next?

In mid-April, Google launched a new mobile-friendly algorithm that, according to all the buzz, was going to sig

Most goods, from computers to cars to condos, are warrantied as an assurance to consumers. But, what about services such as websites, IT support or consulting engagements? Think back to the last time you hired a service firm… did it guarantee results?

Are you still resisting the upgrade to a mobile-friendly website? You might have more motivation than ever to make the jump. Google recently announced that on April 21st it will release a mobile-friendly algorithm change.

Lots of people claim to "know a bit about SEO," but the more of these people you talk to, the more you'll come to understand that most of what they know is a little dated.

Expanded annual event for local entrepreneurs to be held in Old Town Lansing, features Sleepwalker Spirits founders and final $10,000 Hatching competition

Guest post by Adam Henige, managing partner at Netvantage Marketing.

You’ve heard of Twitter, but are you familiar with Twitter Analytics? Twitter Analytics was previously only available to advertisers and verified users, but within the last week, it became available to all. As such, we feel obligated to provide a quick and dirty introduction.

If you've searched Google for a nearby business, chances are you're familiar with local listings, often plotted on a map central to your location—and if you're one of those businesses hoping to be found by consumers searching locally, it's critical to understand the value of a well-optimized loca