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Most goods, from computers to cars to condos, are warrantied as an assurance to consumers. But, what about services such as websites, IT support or consulting engagements? Think back to the last time you hired a service firm… did it guarantee results?

When investment in your website infrastructure can exceed the cost of a vehicle, or even a house, it makes sense for the vendor to warranty its services. If your web agency is unwilling to guarantee its work, that could be a red flag.

Nicholas Creative provides a lifetime programming warranty on all of its web work. We promise that all code will be written to the specifications of the engagement, and if an unforeseen error arises, we will work quickly and diligently to resolve the issue at no additional charge.

We are proud of our nine-year reputation serving local, national and international clients. Are you seeking a long-term relationship with a reliable web partner? Let’s talk.

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