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Are you still resisting the upgrade to a mobile-friendly website? You might have more motivation than ever to make the jump. Google recently announced that on April 21st it will release a mobile-friendly algorithm change.

Responsive design for AL!VE
Responsive website for AL!VE built by Nicholas Creative.

What does it mean? Simply put, Google intends to penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly. The algorithm will also consider a laundry list of other new factors when determining a website's ranking.

Google claims "significant" impact to those websites that don't follow its mobile guidelines, however the magnitude and weight of each criterion remains to be seen. To ensure your website won't be dropped from the search rankings completely, Google released a mobile-friendly testing tool.

A major shift in web design best practices has created the need to develop responsive websites, which allow for seamless viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The result is a website that is not just mobile-friendly, but provides for the best possible user experience on all devices.

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