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Google'Mobilegeddon' didn’t pack the punch it promised—but what’s next?

In mid-April, Google launched a new mobile-friendly algorithm that, according to all the buzz, was going to significantly change mobile search. The update—dubbed “Mobilegeddon”—was supposed to give a substantial ranking boost to mobile-friendly site in Google’s mobile search results. 

Did it? Not really, according to most sources. The general consensus is that this is just the beginning of what has been a mostly anticlimactic Mobilegeddon.

Does that mean you shouldn’t make your website more mobile-friendly? Absolutely not. Here are five reasons why mobile-friendly website design matters to your business: 

  • Google recently announced that there are now more smartphone than desktop searchers in the U.S., which means Google will continue to make those searchers even more of a priority.
  • Research shows that mobile searchers have a conversion percentage nearly three times higher than the same search done on a desktop or laptop. According to Mobile Marketing, 70% of searches on mobile devices result in action in less than an hour.
  • One development of Google’s mobile-friendly update is that for certain queries, listings rank higher in smartphone search than they do in desktop search simply because the site that previously ranked higher is not mobile-friendly.
  • Content on a mobile-friendly, responsive website is easier for users to share and link, and can be accessed by users on any type of device, resulting in increased engagement on your site.  
  • Google never stops tinkering, and certainly will continue to tweak its mobile-friendly algorithm, adding more factors that benefit mobile searchers.

With the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile search, having a mobile-friendly website design is just smart business. Responsive websites allow for seamless viewing across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, delivering sites that are not only mobile-friendly, but provide the best possible user experience on all devices.

Besides, you never know what Google engineers are cooking up, and what the next Mobilegeddon—or whatever the hype machine names it the next time around—might bring. Better safe than sorry.

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