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Website Redesign

There is much more to a redesign than simply changing the way a site looks. The user experience is the most important aspect of any website, and it takes a lot to make it as user-friendly as possible. Yes, it has to look good and be easy to explore. Content management (and the content itself) is crucial. We need to incorporate search-engine optimization, a responsive design and intuitive navigation, among other things.

Because it takes so many aspects working together to create a successful website, we need to be flexible, which is why we use Drupal, and why we’ve upgraded to Drupal 8. Since the beginning of Nicholas Creative, we’ve built custom websites in Drupal, and we’ve taken the long-term view, upgrading to Drupal 8 now, before Drupal 7 becomes obsolete.

Why Does This Matter to You?

Drupal 8 will be supported by Drupal’s security updates for another six to eight years, at minimum. This is vital to your site and any changes you want to make in the next few years. While every iteration of Drupal has given us full control of what we build, thereby allowing us to create fully custom websites for each client, the security of your site is of the utmost importance to you and your customers. By upgrading to Drupal 8, we’re ensuring that security before it becomes an emergency.